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Elizabeth Butardo

Quality Control / Pattern Maker / Prototype Maker

Sabeth, as she’s fondly called, has been with Narda’s since 1982. Elizabeth Butardo is Narda’s quality controller / non-garment pattern maker and prototype maker. She’s from Besao, Mountain Province, married in Aringay, La Union and settled in La Trinidad, Benguet as a housewife.

One day in 1982 after her errand in the market, she passed by Narda’s factory, which was at KM5 then, and saw the sign “Wanted Help”. Wanting to help out on family income with two kids then, she applied. She started doing the rounds, cutting fabrics for bags. She learned what she does today by merely watching what her supervisor did then. She started exploring more, learning how to pattern bags and constructing prototypes.

Probably more than skills, she learned at Narda’s the importance of hard work and the quality that’s put into it. She imparted these values to her 3 boys. The eldest is now a pharmacist, the second works at a glass manufacturer but graduated as a seaman, and the youngest a civil engineer.

As most Cordilleran craftswomen, she’s not conscious of her part in preserving the Cordilleran hand weaving tradition. It’s just something that has to be done, not mindful of her remarkable cultural contribution. It’s not just weaving after all that preserves the tradition but the whole production line of creating products that makes it sustainable. And more importantly, she teaches her skills to the next generation that will keep the tradition alive.