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Helen Codamos


Helen is from Besao, Mountain Province and she’s been weaving with Narda’s since 1994. Before she joined Narda’s, she’s been weaving in Sagada. She’s an expert in traditional Cordilleran hand weaving. This Cordi mother-weaver has 3 children. She joined Narda’s in order for her to send her kids to school, one is a librarian and another is a vocational graduate.

She likes working with Narda’s for the benefits and the many things she learns aside from improving her weaving techniques. Asked what she think she contributed to Narda’s, it’s the quality of traditional hand weaving, she said. And teaching the new weavers the ways of traditional hand weaving, which for Narda’s, maybe as important if not more important.

But as most humble Cordi craftswomen, she’s not conscious of her part in preserving the Cordilleran hand weaving tradition. It’s just something that has to be done, not mindful of her immense cultural contribution.