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Marcelina Guidangan


Marcelina have been with Narda’s since 1996. She’s from Tadian, Mountain Province. She’s a widower with 5 children. She’s one of our expert traditional Cordilleran hand weavers. She used to back strap weave blankets in her province before she joined Narda’s and resettled in Baguio.

She loves weaving with Narda’s. At Narda’s, she learned to weave other than blankets like shawl, scarf and placemat. She gives importance to quality of weave and durability. She’s grateful that trough Narda’s, she got to improve her house and sent her kids to school.

But as most modest Cordilleran craftswomen, she’s not conscious of her part in preserving the Cordilleran hand weaving tradition. It’s just something that has to be done, not mindful of her remarkable cultural contribution. And more importantly, she teaches her skills to the next generation of weavers who will keep the tradition alive.