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Pacita Alminiana


Don’t be deceived by her stern bearing, she’s as nice as the rest. Pacita is Narda’s Finisher. Not a shred of stray yarn get past her. She’s been with Narda’s since 1994. She’s from San Gabriel, La Union but married and settled to the Cordilleras. Though not originally from Cordi, she imbibed the culture and traditions thoroughly. She’s a mother of 6, one still in high school. Before joining Narda’s, she used to tend the vegetable farms. But her cousin and aunt advised her to apply with us. Lucky for Narda’s!

She likes working at Narda’s for her nice collegues. She gets sentimental recollecting our founder’s, Narda Capuyan, teachings. She was nice and patient with all of us, she said.

As unassuming as most Cordilleran craftswomen, she’s not conscious of her part in preserving the Cordilleran hand weaving tradition. It’s just something that has to be done, not mindful of her remarkable cultural contribution. It’s not just weaving after all that preserves the tradition but the whole production line of creating products that makes it sustainable. And more importantly, she teaches her skills to the next generation that will keep the tradition alive.