Narda’s partnership with the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) encourages Narda’s further to the use of science to advance technologies in the hand-weaving industry.


The partnership with PTRI firms the traditional foundations of Narda’s craft without losing sight of possibilities Narda’s is likely to miss because of Narda’s reliance on what it used to doing. PTRI provides Narda’s immediate and direct support through trainings on natural dyes. PTRI is instrumental in encouraging Narda’s to use plant materials available in Narda’s workshop area such as cogon, turmeric, and mahogany.

Narda’s also sends staff to PTRI to be exposed to new developments in the field. It’s heartening to work with an accessible government office, PTRI, where workers demonstrate utmost professionalism and enthusiasm for their work.

PTRI personnel also come to Narda’s workshop to conduct natural dye training with Narda’s staff. The PTRI-Narda’s joint exercise encourages our people to seek other sources of colors for our textiles including experimenting with plants like the

bugnay and the pine varieties that grow in abundance in Narda’s workshop area.

These excursions and workshops is a fertile soil that allows Narda’s to grow a new line of garments for our brand called, Narda’s Naturals where we retain the practice of traditional weaving along with the knowledge of ikat, but this time, we have decided to create textiles using locally grown cotton and natural dyes.